Peace In Our Time.


(Play track.)

See them walking in their three piece monkey suit
So highly civilised So worldly recognized
Shaking hands for all the photo opportunity tonight
On MSNBC and CNN and
"Peace in our time" is just a joke on all the Chamberlains
Who actually believe that you could reason with a lunatic
It's not a question now of whether there would be a revolution
It's just a question now of when
Feed the democracy Starve the burocracy
Peace in our time
Ban the hypocrisy No aristocracy
Peace in our time
You want to stop the wolf?
Well all you have to do is feed the hungry people
Who don't know peace Who don't know music in the street
Who don't know what it's like to listen to The Beatles
How lame
You want to stop the wolf?
You give em Rock and Roll and Baseball
Tell the men to stop mistaking slavery as love
And while you're at it
Tell the women that the world is really theirs
And never should they have to walk in shame
Feed the democracy No aristocracy
Peace in our time
Show what a woman's worth Make all the men give birth
Peace in our time
When I was young I used to hear them on the TV
Going on and on and on about "The Neverending Winter"
The nightmare image of an old and broken mustache
With a finger on a button in a bunker underneath the sea
And now they're saying they've discovered proof inside the DNA
That everybody is essentially genetically the same
If that's the case then I for one feel really quite relieved
Because it means most people they just want to live in peace
Show what a woman's worth Make all the men give birth
Peace in our time
Stifle the enemy with alternate energy
Peace in our time
End all the poverty and you know there's got to be
Peace in our time
Oh peace in our time
Put up a sign for peace in our time
(Dedicated to Jon Cohen and Liz Roberts.)

Words and Music by StephenBard, Copyright 2007.